March 26, 2022 chris allgor

2022-05-11 | 20:44:15

"Great job and reasonably priced! I definitely recommend them if you need garage door work done!"
February 1, 2022 Tae An

2022-03-15 | 14:50:22

"Des-Carr Doors is a reliable local company for all of your garage door repairs or replacement. Very reasonable and on time. I highly recommend them."
December 11, 2021 Joe Bosak

2022-01-14 | 18:57:30

"Excellent service and very easy to work with. Resolved a small problem with the door within minutes. Courteous and quick."
October 20, 2021 Michael Sciss

2021-11-04 | 15:54:28

"I would just like to thank carol at Des-carr Doors. I needed some help and they were more then accommodating. I have to do a new door soon and will definitely be using Des-Carr Doors. Absolutely fantastic to deal with and extremely friendly and personable. Thank you again for your help!!!!!!"
September 13, 2021 Sheery Lochstoer

2021-11-04 | 15:54:25

"Excellent communication, fair pricing, quick service and extremely happy with the repairs. Highly recommend Des-Carr Doors!!"
July 28, 2021 Mike M

2021-08-12 | 22:19:46

"HUGE thanks to Des-Carr Doors for their expertise in my recent garage rehab project. The job was way beyond your average door replacement. Des-Carr conferred with our structural engineer in the planning phase, and seamlessly adapted our two small-ish garage doors into a single, gigantic doorway, providing me with awesome access and new possibilities on how I can use the space. Des-Carr’s knowledge, craftsmanship and professionalism are excellent, and I highly recommend them."