September 8, 2023 Neil Samuels

2023-09-08 | 10:51:00

"Very pleased with the sales experience and installation quality of our beautiful and quiet new garage door. We like to support local businesses and Des-Carr was equal to or better in terms of price and also the range of manufacturers they repped. Carol and Joe are also just plain nice! A pleasure to work with and happily recommended to others. Good people. Good process. Good product."
September 8, 2023 Louise Holtz

2023-09-08 | 10:50:00

"It's been very difficult to anyone to even reply these days for jobs, NOT Des-Carr Doors!!! Joe and Carol are so professional and understand that it takes a second to lose a customer. Joe was great at helping me choose a door that was both economical and stylish. I loved my old barn doors but couldn't open them during a snowstorm! Granted it took a little while for the door to be delivered, but Carol kept me fully informed and it was worth the wait. The installation was equally professional. I'm absolutely thrilled! I still need to pick out my black hardware to complete the look though.'s the quietest garage door I've ever heard!"
September 8, 2023 Eugene Mamrol

2023-09-08 | 10:46:00

"I've been using Des-Carr for many years especially since I've had to change residences with existing garage door openers of differing quality. I've always had a great friendly working relationship with Joe and Carol at the office and with Mike and now Chris in the field. Joe's put my mind at ease despite some embarrassing attempts to fix the garage door opener myself. The technicians Mike and Chris are very busy so you may need to wait a few days so I recommend you contact them as soon as you notice a potential or very real problem that isn't an obvious troubleshooting type of situation. BTW, Mike will give good advice on maintenance and whether he suspects any potential problems may occur but won't proceed with possible problems. He's typically correct so some minor advice can save you a good amount of money if you heed his advice. Also, typically Carol from the office or Mike in the field will call to let me know when I should expect Mike (and now Chris) to arrive or if there's a delay for some reason. The service, advice, helpfulness, friendliness and everything else is worth every penny as this particular issue can be fairly dangerous."
Reply from business owner:
Dear Eugene, we greatly appreciate your loyalty to us and thank you for sharing your experience with us! We look forward to working with you again!
April 10, 2023 Tom Saunders

Fast and Reliable

"I have used Des-Carr Doors to install, maintain, and upgrade our residential garage doors and eight commercial garage doors at an industrial building that we lease out. Needless to say, the leased garage doors see a lot of wear and tear. Des-Carr is always there to quickly fix, adjust or sometimes replace these doors in an economical manner. A landlord's dream "
June 13, 2022 Tim McCann

2022-07-25 | 16:52:19

"Des-Carr Doors has been taking care of our garage doors for years. We recently had a groundhog take up residence in our garage. He chewed through the gasket at the bottom of the door and through the electric wires that go to all four photo cells, and somehow caused the cable to come off. Mike from Des-Carr came promptly and in very short order had everything working again. Great service! I couldn't be happier!"
April 3, 2022 Jerry Kosmin

2022-05-11 | 20:44:05

"Massive supply chain issues which wasn’t their fault-lead time actually became 7-8 months but Carol kept me in the loop the entire time. They even came out to repair one of the springs of one of the original doors during this period at no charge! They do quality work with integrity. We love our new doors. Recommend highly."